Drawing the Line Between Work and Private Life [5 Time Management Tips]

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_Guest post by Ieva Sipola from DeskTime [https://desktime.com/]._

One year into the pandemic, most of us have learned that while remote

work definitely has its benefits, there’s also no lack of

challenges. If during the first months we thought it was all sunshine

and roses - getting up later, not having to commute, having more time

for family and home chores, working without office distractions, we

soon came to face the other side of the coin. For some, the

realization was literally painful, with our backs and eyes suffering

from non-ergonomic seating and lighting. For others, pain points were

more intangible - from missing in-person socializing to feeling that

your private life blends too much with your work.

Don’t blame yourself for losing the strict border between your

professional and personal worlds. We were not exactly prepared for

such a long-term plunge into remote work and it’s only healthy to

admit to experiencing some challenges. These five tips will help you

draw that ...

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