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> "Extreme project management is the art and science of facilitating

> and managing the flow of thoughts, emotions, and interactions in a

> way that produces valued outcomes under turbulent and complex

> conditions: those that feature high speed, high change, high

> uncertainty, and high stress." - Doug DeCarlo, author of eXtreme

> Project Management

> [https://www.amazon.com/eXtreme-Project-Management-Leadership-Principles/dp/0787974099]

From the development of new technologies and shift in customer needs

to economic conditions or some new groundbreaking ideas, several

project requirements can change every day due to various

circumstances. This is where extreme project management enters the


Extreme projects are carried out in turbulent environments where

it’s difficult to estimate the speed of the project and the

obstacles you will encounter. On extreme projects, things are

unpredictable, planning is chaotic and just in time ...

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