Advantages of Mobile Project Management Apps

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People use apps in almost every aspect of their lives. Whether it's

banking, weather, or a clock app, they offer us an easy way to get

information. According to the latest estimates, 95% of Americans own a

cell phone, while an average American spends at least five hours a day

on his mobile device.

Even though smartphones are very popular for personal use, they are

becoming crucial for business success. It is estimated that business

travel will top $1.7 billion by 2022. When we combine this with

growing expectations of 24/7 accessibility, it's evident that

employees need to be able to log into their work while away from their


That's why mobile project management apps ensure you have access to

your software from your mobile device, anywhere, anytime. This article

will discuss their purpose and show you how to pick the best app

suited for your needs.


The hype about popular methodologies, agile, lean, scrum, etc.,

doesn't imply there's ...

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