The Difference Between the Scrum Master and the Project Manager

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Do the roles of Scrum Master and Project Manager look the same to you?

In business-related circles, we often come across these two terms.

Even though both contribute to the completion of projects, these two

terms tend to confuse young professionals who recently ventured into

the project management world.

While their roles overlap to some extent, they couldn't be more

different from each other. Once we start exploring Scrum Master vs.

Project Manager, we will discover a couple of similarities and a lot

more differences.

This comprehensive research will hopefully help you understand their

roles better.


The Scrum process doesn't involve Project Managers - it has Scrum

Masters instead. The Scrum framework heavily relies on the Agile

project management approach. Japanese professors Nonaka and Hirotaka

Takeuchi first conceptualized Agile project management in 1986.

But, before we explain what a Scrum Master is, we have to dive into

Agile. Agile, as opposed to traditional ...

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