We Use ActiveCollab as Our Project Manager

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Our business is Bright Bookkeeping, run by my husband and me. We are a

remote Bookkeeping service handling day-to-day bookkeeping using

QuickBooks Online, primarily for Residential House Painters. I started

the business in 2007 after realizing I did not enjoy working for

others. Since it was just me in the business at the beginning (and I

am terrible at documenting processes), I kept everything in my head.

This was fine for a while.

Once the business was successful and completely remote, I realized we

could live anywhere and did not have to stay in the cold Chicago

winters. My dream was to live in Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, but

since they don’t actually let you live there, I picked the closest

town to it. In 2017, my husband (also an accountant) quit his 9-5,

came on board the company, and we built our first house in Winter

Garden, FL.


The biggest problem we faced was getting all those processes I had

created out of my head and into some format ...

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