Velocity Chart in Project Management - Explained

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Do you need a tool that helps accurately forecast projects, deal with

resources, and predict efforts? A simple to-do list won't work here,

and manual work management won't be as effective as you think.

However, developing a roadmap and planning your way toward reaching an

end goal makes this process quicker and smoother. This is where the

velocity chart comes in.

As a widely accepted tool in project management, the velocity chart

allows you to predict project completion rates, keep an eye on your

team, and monitor project progress. This article will focus on the

velocity chart, explain its role in project management, and help you

use this tool to your advantage.


Before moving to the velocity chart, we would like to explain what

velocity in project management means. In the scientific field,

velocity represents the distance covered at a specific time, which

explains the same term in project management.

It refers to the amount of work your team ...

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