Crashing in Project Management

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There is never enough time when it comes to project management. By

making schedules, we try to control the outcome of the project.

However, even when managers are successful, things can go astray.

While changes are welcomed and often necessary, the project manager's

job is to ensure those changes don't affect a project schedule. This

is why triple constraints such as budget, time, and scope are

necessary. When one fails to perform or falls behind, the other two

must compensate.

There are many ways to make up for the lost time, like including a

commonly known method of project management crashing. Keep reading to

find out what this term stands for.


Project crashing refers to a practice used to compress the schedule.

In most cases, project crashing is applied to situations when a

manager wants to lessen the project's time frame without changing the


Remember that crashing a project will affect two out of three triple

constants, like cost ...

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