S-Curve in Project Management

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S–Curve is one of the essential elements of project management, and

it's used to track the general progress or a project's progress.

Usually, S-Curve will measure work progress, make cash flow estimates,

and evaluate performance.

One of the reasons industries use S-Curve is its ability to showcase

real-time cumulative data drawn from different project elements and

compare it with the projected data.

Now, let's look at what S-Curve is in project management and focus on

its most important elements.


As we mentioned earlier, S-Curve is a math graph that shows important

cumulative data, like man-hours or costs, plotted against time.

The S shape isn't something that's developed or forced. It's only the

shape a graph assumes when the project's expected growth is very low

during the initial stage of the project.

In this early stage, the project is just starting to unravel while

team members perform industry research or are engaged in the first

phase of project ...

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