Float in Project Management

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Project managers who have been in this business for a long time know

that plans are very variable. Even the best-thought-out plans can go

astray, and one delayed task can derail the entire project.

That's why experienced project managers use management flow to keep

everything in line. If you want to avoid delays and keep your project

on the right track, it's time to get familiar with the term float.


The term float means "fluid", which further implies "flexibility".

Float means "scheduling flexibility" in project management, also

commonly known as "slack."

But let's move on to a more concrete meaning. Float represents the

amount of time a particular task can be delayed without jeopardizing

or delaying the entire project. We can identify two float types: free

float and total float.

Total float is the amount of time you can delay the task without

delaying the final project. When project managers mention project

float, they are referring to total float.

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